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Ministry of Local Government (MOLG


Ministry of Local Government (MOLG

Uganda is divided into 111 districts and one city (Kampala) across four administrative regions. Each district is divided into counties and municipalities. The counties are divided into sub counties, which are further divided into parishes, which are also divided into villages. The mission of the Ministry of Local Government (MOLG) is to coordinate, support and advocate for local governments for sustainable, efficient and effective service delivery in the decentralized system of governance the District Local Government. The vision of the MOLG is to have a democratic, participatory, decentralized local government system that can sustain development and deliver services efficiently and effectively to the people


The MOLG is mandated to carry out a number of responsibilities in the Local Government Act as follows and these include:-

  • To inspect, monitor, and where necessary offer technical advice/assistance, support supervision and training to all local governments.
  • To coordinate and advise local governments for purposes of harmonization and advocacy.
  • To act a liaison/linkage Ministry with respect to other central government ministries and departments, parastatals, private sector, regional and international organizations.
  • To research, analyze, develop and formulate national policies on all taxes, fees, levies, rates for local governments.

The MOLG also implements programmes/projects to ensure that productivity and incomes of households are increased and made more sustainable


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