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Where can I get information about watermelon farming? Is there anyone here who can give me that information or who can direct me where i can get that information? I planted water melon in the last season but the size produced was too small and they told me that i might have used poor seeds. So right now i need help on what i need to do so that i can get big size water melons.

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Dear Kagimu, sorry about the low yields. Well, seed is one of the factors that could have caused that , others may be soil conditions, timing among many others. Where i work, we provide client-tailored extension and advisory services and many other packages. u can contact me on 0774123865. best regards

Dear Solomon,

The small size of the water melon can be attributed to many factors other than poor quality seeds, e.g. type of soils, availability of water, etc. Sweet baby is the recommended variety that one should plant if you want to get high yields. You can get more information on watermelon farming from East African seeds in Bwaise. I found them very helpful.

thanks for the feedback, i will check them out

varieties sugar baby(all dark green) and crimson sweet(green dark and light stripes) are the most popular but all have diff xtics.

where is your farm? the ecological zone also may determine what to grow

I planted sugar baby. i think the reason y i got small size watermelons is that i didnt apply any fertilizers. My farm is on mityana road. The farm is in a swappy area and the soil type is sandy.

soil fertility

what fertilizers do u use and wen do u apply them. I will b glad if u can get for me that kind of information.

Solomon, my farm is also on Mityana road and sugar baby didn't do well when we planted it. In fact we lost a lot of money. It could be because of the soil, I don't know about your farm but ours is rocky.

my farm is in a swap area and the soil is sandy. but i think the cause of the problem was that i didnt apply fertilizers during the planting and throughout the whole season.

Solomon i have gone through your discussions about watermelon growing, sory about what you went through but to some point it was a nice experience to try and learn the dynamics behind cucurbits the simple trick you need to observe is ideal rotation as in you don't have to plant your crop where you have harvested sweet potatoes for the last six months you can reach me on 0714609470 or come at Simlaw seeds company uganda ltd Nakivubo we are opposite Farmers mall at Mt. Elgon seed co. I believe I will be able to help you.


I have an 1.5 acre of land in the Kampala peri-urban and wanted to try out a high yielding and quick return crop. About 1.5 years ago I grew maize on this land and somehow the neighboring community benefited more than me! I have since fenced it off and left  land to fallow and have just ploughed the first round with a tractor after 1 week, I will do a second plough

I am thinking of trying out onions (after reading through a lengthy discussion, but I am also thinking of inter- planting with Water Melon. 

How do I get to know the pH of the soil, the type etc and the suitability of the crop I have in mind?

@Ambrose can I get a better advise when I  pass by your shop?



 Dear Peter Mugaga,

One thing i love you to appreciate is that you can not inter crop an onion and Water Mellon. These two crops require different soil types all together. For instance, water Mellon, needs strictly sandy soil whereas onion can be grown any where as long as its not water logged. Even if its a rocky soil, you can still get very good yields. The other thing is that water Mellon  requires fertilizers and routine spraying to top dress it up for better yields while onion, is less demanding as long as you plant it right.

Water Mellon will requires good spacing while onion can be grown in 2x5 centimeters for you to get good quantities.

Thanks team for the discussions


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