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Free Practical Vegetable Growing and Green House Construction/ Management Trainings

Dear all,


Hi. In Nansana, Kampala there is a 0.75 acre plot where you will find free practical trainings conducted by Mr Abbey Kazibwe in the following areas.


1. Hybrid vegetable seed growing techniques covering the following crops; tomato- outdoor and green house varieties, onion, cabbage, watermelon and colored sweet pepper (green, red, yellow, orange)- both outdoor and green house.

This training covers advantages of hybrid seed selection, nursery establishment and management, transplanting, crop nutrition, pesticide management, disease and pest identification/ control, harvest and post-harvest techniques.


2. Green house construction and management.


All of these crops have been establsihed in he site and are at various stages of growth. groups of 5-30 people are preferred and traing takes place mostly over the weekends.

You will be referred to various farmers who have passed through this training and visiting them will add value to what you will have learnt.


Mr Abbey Kazibwe can be reached on; 0772/ 0702- 443 704.


Please see attached pix of some previous trainings.

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Do you still have the training prog



do you still have training

is there any cost for training



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